Exam proctoring & invigilation

exams02Lloydminster Public Library values and supports lifelong learning. Many students meet their educational goals through distance education. To support these endeavours, Lloydminster Public Library offers proctoring services to enable students to write the tests and examinations that form an essential part of any course of study, including online exams.

Inquire about proctoring at 780-875-0850 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


1. Proctoring services are available to residents of Lloydminster and the immediate surrounding area during regular hours of operation and are subject to the availability of authorized staff and resources.

2. The library reserves the right to refuse to proctor examinations in instances that could interfere with operational requirements or where requirements are deemed unreasonable or burdensome to administer.

3. Any Library staff member may proctor an exam, however this may be limited by the educational institution or company issuing the exam to staff members holding approved occupations or qualifications (e.g. Masters level Librarian or library Technician).

4. Library staff will receive, secure, administer and return the exam, but cannot provide direct, continual, one-on-one supervision of students for the entirety of the exam.

5. No fee will be charged for proctoring, however, the student is responsible for all costs in the delivery and return of the exam; including printing, faxing, postage and courier costs.

6. Students are responsible for ensuring that the proctoring service provided by Lloydminster Public Library meets the requirements of the institution and/or instructor issuing the exam. Students are responsible for ensuring that the exam is delivered to the Library in time for the exam.

7. The Library will not be liable for any missing items, papers, samples or other documents related to the exam.



1. Bookings for examinations should be made at least three business days prior to the desired date. Institutions may impose their own deadlines and requirements.

2. Bookings should normally be made through the Information Desk in person, by email or by telephone or by filling in the form below. As bookings may require the approval of the examining institution, bookings cannot be confirmed until this approval is received.

3. The Library's test computer and/or room may be booked for exams. Students are responsible for contacting the Library and booking the appropriate room. In the case of multiple students the Library may opt to change the booking to the Meeting Room at no charge.

3. Rooms or computers are booked on a first come, first served basis and no special consideration will be given for exams. Exams can also be conducted in an open area but may not provide a distraction-free setting.

4. Students using computer-based exams shall not install software on Library computers. The Library can install lockdown software if required, provided that the software is supplied by the institution and that the software does not interfere with the normal operation of the computer. Wireless service is available for students wishing to use their own laptops.

5. Students are responsible for ensuring that they have all required identification and passwords before starting an exam.

6. The Library provides limited technical support for non-library equipment and programs and this support is not available during all open hours. Due to the wide variety of learning and examination platforms Library staff may not be able to resolve login or authentication problems.

7. The Library is not responsible for any unforeseen interruptions of the exam due to loss of power or Internet connectivity or other emergency. All computer use is subject to the Library's Internet Services Policy.